The Great Titan Lifesaving Sports Festival

The Great Titan Lifesaving Sports Festival is a multi-lifesaving activity – all water based program organized by Philippine Life Saving Society to promote International Lifesaving Sports and Water Safety to Local Government Units in the Philippines.

TGT also aims to campaign for Drowning Prevention and advocates implementation of Life Guarding and Water Rescue Standards in the country.

The Great Titan 2012 featured the following:

  1. Drowning Prevention Campaign (Lifesaving Carnival with Active Family Games and FREE Swim & Survive Clinic to children 5-14 Years Old). 
  2. International Life Saving Sports Training, Demonstration and Competition. 
  3. Water Safety Conferences for Resort Owners, LGUs and NGOs. 
  4. Bronze Medallion Certification, Competency Assessment and Induction of Drowning Prevention Volunteers 
  5. Lifesaving Projects : Signage Installation, Coastal Cleanup, Mangrove Planting and “Bahanka“ Making Contest.

TGT 2012 was hosted by the Province of Negros Occidental in celebration of the annual 2012 Panaad Sa Negros Festival. Dubbed as “Festival of Festivals”, Panaad (Hiligaynon dialect for a Vow and its Fulfillment) is a colorful and jubilant presentation of individual festivals of 13 cities and 19 municipalities of Negros Occidental. The festival attracts most of the 2.6 million-strong Negrenses, their relatives abroad and friends, who get a glimpse of the best offerings of the towns and cities, as well as in cultural presentations and friendly competitions such as in sports. Panaad had advocated awareness on Drowning Prevention, Water Safety and Lifesaving to keep the Negrenses resilient during unforeseen calamity.

The Great Titan 2012 also served as a qualifying event to the first ever participation of Philippines to the RESCUE 2012 Lifesaving Sports World Championships in Adelaide, Australia this November.

The activity report can be found here: