Sport Committee

In mid-2019 the ILS Asia-Pacific (ILS-AP) Regional Board created a Regional Lifesaving Sport Committee to guide and assist the ILS-AP Board with the introduction, operation, monitoring and evaluation of Asia-Pacific Regional Lifesaving Championships and any associated sport development activities.

The Committee is comprised the members of the ILS Sport Commission from ILS members from ILS-AP, which as at the time of creation in mid-2019 for the term to 2021 was as follows.

  • Mr. Dave Thompson AM (Australia – Surf)
  • Ms. Anni Gardiner (Australia – Royal)
  • Mr. Eilkhan Nouri Mazandarani (Iran)
  • Mr. Greg Allum (Australia – Surf)
  • Mr. Shu Miyabe (Japan)
  • Mr. Wayne Franich (New Zealand – Surf)

The ILS-AP Regional Board appointed Mr John Brennan OAM (Australia – Surf) as an Independent Chairperson.

The Terms of Reference of the Committee are provided below.