In 1994, and according to article 10 of the Constitution of the International Life Saving Federation (ILS), the Asia/Oceanian Full Members of ILS agree to found a Regional Branch of ILS (ILSAO) with the purĀ­pose of achieving closer relationship and collaboration in aquatic life saving activities in the area of Asia/Oceania.

In the first Regional constitution, the ILSAO Regional Board of Directors was comprised of:

  • A Regional President.
  • A Regional Secretary General.
  • Two Vice-Presidents.
  • Other Directors up to a number decided by the General Assembly of ILSAO.

In 1996, the ILS Regional Constitution renamed the Regional Branch to be the ILS Asia-Pacific Region, abbreviated as ILS-AP.

The Objective of the ILS-AP is to lead, collaborate and partner with national and international organisations to prevent drowning, to promote the provision of lifesaving services and oversee lifesaving sport throughout the  Asia-Pacific Region of the ILS with the same objectives as ILS as stated in the ILS Constitution.

Prior to the creation of the ILS-AP, there was an Asia-Pacific Lifesaving Council which was created by the Royal Life Saving Society (RLSS) in 1978.

The Asia Pacific Life Saving Council was an Association of Life Saving organisations, having as its primary aim, the promotion of methods of concern to water safety and lifesaving in the Asia Pacific region. The administration of the Council was delegated to one of its Member Organisations for approximately two years on a rotational basis.

Over a period of 20 years the Asia Pacific Life Saving Council conducted biennial Life Saving Conferences and Competitions across the Region.

The Asia Pacific Life Saving Council was disbanded in 1998 in favor of the ILS Asia-Pacific Regional Branch.