The Sanyobussan International Lifesaving Cup 2017

The Sanyobussan International Lifesaving Cup 2017, now internationally known as Sanyo Cup was held at Momochi Beach, in Seaside Momochi Beach Park, Fukuoka, 24-25 th June.

Celebrating its 10th Anniversary, 8 teams from 7 countries/regions, Australia, Hong Kong, Netherlands, New Zealand, South Africa, USA, and Japan(Japan-A/Japan-B), have shown exciting and spectacular races for two days.

Japanese competitors raced very closely with Lifesaving Sports leading countries such as Australia and New Zealand at some events. Being the winner of Beach Relay-Men (Day 1 and Day 2), Beach Flags-Men (Day 2), and Rescue Tube Rescue-Men (Day 2) the Japanese team have gained confidence.

Honorably, we had the attendance of the President of ILS, Mr. Graham Ford AM as a special guest to celebrate the 10 th Anniversary, gracing the only international lifesaving competition which is presently held in Japan.

Following two competition days, all international competitors contributed to the exchange program with local elementary school children. Local children experienced lifesaving sports by instruction from international lifesavers. It was a fantastic program.

All results of the SANYO BUSSAN INTERNATIONAL LIFESAVING CUP 2017 are on the official website;

Written by;
Chiharu Aizawa
International Affairs
Japan Lifesaving Association