Distribution of Life Saving Equipment.

The Life Saving Association of Sri Lanka received a donation package of life saving equipment from DLRG, Germany in 2010.

These equipment were requested by the President of LSASL Mr. Channa L. Guneratne.

“Today is one of the great days in my tenure as the president of Lifesaving association of Sri Lanka, as one of my dreams became a reality since DLRG officials responded positively and generously to my request, donating some valuable rescue equipment which was badly needed at this time.”

“Due to inadequate equipments our competent life savers had to put extra efforts taking high risk in saving valuable lives whoever was in distress. Now, everybody can be happy thinking the positive side of it since we have been given a fair amount of equipment to carry out this humanitarian service or the duty without further interruptions.”

“After taking the office as President, I was wondering as to how I should raise funds to procure these equipments. At this juncture, if I don’t mention the name of a Great German National, Mr. Ortwin Kreft, Director Rescue for DLRG who donated us with these valuable set of rescue equipment valuing over 2 million Rupees. Our heartfelt gratitude to you sir….”

This donation will surely enhance the benefits of those who are currently engaged in Life saving and intend to join us in future. It may be further unfair, if I do not mention the name of Mr. Norman Farmer, ESM and Surf Life saving Australia, for their valuable contribution towards clearing of this humanitarian equipment from customs in Sri Lanka.

In commemorating of this achievement and distribution, The LSASL decided to invite His Excellency Ploetner Jens, the Ambassador of Germany to Sri Lanka on 07th January, 2011.

It was definitely a “token of appreciation to the German nation and DLRG as it was the single largest donation of rescue equipment Sri Lanka has ever received.