Sanyo Bussan International Surf Rescue Challenge 2013

Japan Lifesaving Association has hosted International Surf Rescue Challenge 2013 (ISRC 2013) at Onjuku Beach, Chiba prefecture 19th -23rd September, sponsored by Sanyo Bussan.

This event is based around a comprehensive competition program conducted over three tests, which includes swim, board, surf ski, and beach events. An overall point score maintained with the winner.

7 open teams (Australia, Canada, Hong Kong China , Korea (South), New Zealand, USA, and Japan) and 3 youth teams (Australia, New Zealand, and Japan) plus 2 youth individuals from Canada have participated and shown their passionate and spectacular races during three tests. The ISRC had its origins in 2005 on the Gold Coast in Australia and has been conducted each two years; this is the fifth time and the first time to be hosted in Asia by JLA making it possible to have new countries as Hong Kong China and Korea (South) to join. We thank Mr. Greg Allum for his attendance as the representative of ISRC original Organizing Committee members and ILS Sports Commission.

Under favorable weather and good surf effected by the typhoon passing along the pacific ocean, close battles between Australia and New Zealand and sometimes Japan have been seen in ocean events, and it was so spectacular. In technical officials team, 2 Australian and 1 New Zealander were included. Japanese officials had a good international experience to learn different ways to run an event.

Additionally, JLA is very proud of the performance of the Japanese officials and staff who played an important role in making the event a success. JLA’s staff made a great effort to prepare and execute the event, which enabled the competition to proceed smoothly.

Open Teams
1st Australia
2nd New Zealand
3rd Japan

Youth Teams
1st Australia
2nd New Zealand
3rd Japan

The following day of the first test, all team members visited local elementary school and junior high school. Each team experienced typical Japanese culture such as Origami (hand craft), Kendo (Japanese fencing), Shodo (calligraphy), and so on by school kids’ instruction. Some members enjoyed school lunch services with kids at class room. All members were very much impressed at the great hospitality of school kids including warm welcome words and the presentation of their home town Onjuku in English.

On the last day, an exhibition event named ‘Moon Cup’ was held at the same venue. 20 Japanese club teams competed against international teams in Beach Relay, Board Rescue, Rescue Tube Rescue, Ekiden (1km x 3 beach relay). Unfortunately Oceanman/Oceanwomen Relay was canceled because of bad surf condition. It was a great opportunity sharing the lifesaving sports fun time with lifesavers from around the world.

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Takuya Iritani
ISRC 2013 Organizing Committee
Vise President
Japan Lifesaving Association